Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Facts

I first heard the term Black Friday in 2006 when I worked at Nashville's Rainforest Cafe.  The general manager preferred to call it Green Friday.  I prefer that term, too.  I hope it catches on.

I only went shopping on Black Friday in 2003.  A friend dragged me along.  I said never again.

Even if I do go anywhere that Friday, I'm most certainly not getting up at 3 to go shopping.  No way.  I went to the Covington Verizon today and upgraded my phone, and there was no one there.  Now I'm home again.

I must have eaten to much because I can't stop going to the bathroom.  That was my only reason for not sleeping last night.

Will go out eating today.  Hope to lose weight by Christmas and then gain it all back.

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday.  The only problem is, no body has a list of small businesses for the Atlanta area.

Still tempted to partake in Ligonier's sale, but then again, every Friday is $5 Friday there.  Might as well wait till next week when I get my paycheck. 

I'm planning on going very cheap this year for Christmas presents.  So cheap that I may even just give away stuff from my room.

Off to browse some more blogs now.  I might even put up my laundry.

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