Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fruit Basket Turnover

Tonight started our Wednesday night play practice for Christmas programming.  Turns out our Herndons will spend time with their maternal grandparents on two of the Sundays we had scheduled.  So, we make lemonade and practice our music and only one of the Christmas skits, which, btw, both are really good.  One is for Advent, and a Jewish family in BC Israel awaits the Messiah by recalling God's promises to Adam, Noah, Abraham, and David.  The other one is Christmas day when the same family happens to be the innkeeper family.  They let Mary and Joseph stay in their stable, then realize the Messiah has been born and go out to see him.  I liked that twist to the Christmas story.  We're only doing the latter skit in December sometime and singing some Thanksgiving songs either before or after Thanksgiving.

This Sunday the plan is to speed the teen through Joseph's rise to Vice Pharaoh, the brothers coming for food and Joseph telling them they want to see Benjamin up until they bring Benjamin to Egypt.  For the kids, we will go through Benjamin's story, too.  I will have cups filled with something, one with Joseph's silver cup.  I don't know what yet.  I'm also going to do a Good news/ Bad news thing as I speed through 4 chapters.  I will end with Joseph's death and his saying that God planned all the bad things for his Glory and our salvation.

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