Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Facts plus Mild Ranting

I went to my rival high school's homecoming game last week.  It's only fair that I go to my alma mater's homecoming tonight.  Here goes!

After refuge today, I tried to sent resume's to different court offices in Conyers.  I will try some attorney's next chance I get.  I might be better off just calling them ahead of time so that I feel less awkward.

In the past two hours I managed to sort some CDs, empty the laundry basket they were in, put laundry in there, find a place for my two remaining mesh bags from my old hamper, and completely type up this month's youth newsletter.  Pat on the back.

I feel like I'm about to aim 95 theses at Smyrna Pres, the church that will always be my home.  Why?  They want to cater to the anti-Christian pirates in the Greater Atlanta Presbytery.  They held some meeting at another PCUSA church in the area called "A Gracious Separation" with options for Conservative Evangelical churches still in the Presbytery.

What Smyrna should really do is take the last option: leave the denomination.  They say that they will just let the churches leave without any fuss.  However, there is a church in McDonough named Timber Ridge.  They defected to the EPC.  My church where I serve and am now a member used to be their plant.  The PCUSA has been litigating them for the past decade and still has not relented.  Unless they get their claws out of Timber Ridge, I will never believe their drivel about a "gracious separation."

If Smyrna takes the other option, however, they will be utterly useless to the Lord's cause.  Presbytery suggests that all the conservative fellowships form a mini-denomination and simply mind their own business, and they won't force the gay leadership on us.  This is a huge mistake.  One, we already tried this with the New Wineskins.  Now all those churches have joined the EPC.  Two, you can't just sit and close your eyes and hope it goes away. We've done that ever since the 80s.  It's grown worse and worse and now the denomination is completely apostate.  If you stay, you have to throw decorum out the window and stand up for our Holy God who will judge these liberals real soon, or you must decide that you love the Lord more than you fear losing funding or getting sued and join the EPC so that these false prophets lose power.  You can not be neutral anymore.  Either you worship the Lord or you worship people, and you will be judged for letting his Name be defiled in his holy Temple.

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