Monday, September 26, 2011

Jacob Wears a Snuggie

I was really happy about how Children's Church went yesterday.  The only sad thing was that Madison, Charlie's great granddaughter, didn't come.  Your prayers would be appreciated as I'm fearing she's not grieving as she should and trying to be happy up front but inside she's torn up.

That aside, I still had Alexis and Emily, but today I had four roles for Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Esau, and I wanted someone for all four roles, so I made 16-year-old Logan come back with me. 

I started with two facts:

Fact: God told Rebekah that the younger boy, Jacob would get his covenant blessing. 
Fact: Isaac was bound and determined to bless Esau, the firstborn.  Was he obeying or disobeying God?

Then, we acted out the story.  Logan played Isaac.  I gave him a blindfold and a script and somehow he saw well enough to read the script.  I was Rebekah.  Since Alexis is older I made her play Esau, and Emily was Jacob.  
To be Esau, Alexis wore my Snuggie.  Don't let anyone tell you those things are like backwards robes.  They really are blankets with sleeves and they are the!  Since it's my Snuggie, it was a whole lot bigger than her.  But alas, soon Emily had to pretend to be Jacob pretending to be Esau.  When she put on the Snuggie, it swallowed her alive.  But she was a convincing Esau, and Isaac gave her the blessing.

After that, discussion questions.
Fact: God told Rebekah that the younger boy, Jacob would get his covenant blessing. 
Did Jacob really need to cheat Esau out of his birthright?  Did he need to steal Isaac’s blessing?  Why?
Why does God still bless Jacob even though he lied, stole and cheated, showing no faith in God? 
Ultimately the real answer is God keeps his promises.  He promised Rebekah the he'd give the younger child the covenant.  And dad-gummit, he did.  Both Jacob and Esau were horrible people who were always forgetting God, but God gave Jacob the promise because he's God and he can. 

Then we colored velvet poster crosses.  Why?  Because the poster is smooth, but it's dressed in fur.  Even though Jacob stole what was already his by cheating and lying, God still colored his life with his blessing that eventually led to Jesus. 

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