Monday, September 12, 2011

Isaac and Rebekah

Yesterday in church I did Sunday School and Children's Church again.  I actually did the curriculum this week.  The first story is when Jacob runs away from Esau and soon marries Rachel and Leah.  First we did a game where they would do some task like memorize a verse or pick paper off the floor and the would get a wonderful prize, which only turned out to be a rubber band or a post-it note.  I tricked them just like Laban tricked Jacob into marrying two wives.  Then we read the passage.  Alexis got to be Jacob and Esau where I would say one of the names and she's say a phrase afterwards.  Madison played Rachel and Leah in the same format.  I was Laban.  The moral: although Jacob was a scoundrel, God still blessed him and took care of him.  Then we made encouragement cards.  I actually taught the girls how to cut symmetrical while I was learning it myself.  Way cool.

I liked the read a name and say a phrase so much that I decided to use that for the story of Rebekah and Isaac in Children's church.  For Rebekah, Alexis would say "Woo-hoo!" until she decided she wanted to say "Hallelujah!"  For Abraham's servant, Madison would say, "Here I go."  But what really impressed me is the girls were actually listening to the story.  When I was out, they did the story of Hagar and Ishmael, and there was a paper well as a relic from that.  When it was time for Rebekah to give the servant a drink, Alexis took the paper well and gave it to Madison to drink.  When it was time for the servant to give Rebekah her nose ring and bracelets, Madison had her rubber bands from the first lesson and gave them to Alexis.  I was so impressed with them for thinking of those on their own. 

And at some point in the summer I had given them an Answers-in-Genesis lesson that basically said dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans.  Alexis brought that up.  She was saying her teacher was saying they lived millions of years ago.  So they're remembering what I'm teaching.  I told Alexis, whatever the teacher tells you, put on the test, but know that I'm right.  So, I walked away yesterday with good feelings that God is really working.

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