Monday, November 7, 2011

Church re-cap

Church is really exciting now that we have kids all the time.  Also, Christmas is coming and that makes me happy.  I think I got my personnel differences worked out for now, but I also need prayer that people don't put worms in my ear, but that God will lead to what is right.

In teen Sunday School, we're going to speed through the Joseph story.  Yesterday we did Genesis 37, skipped 38, then did 39-40.  I did assign 38 for homework because, honestly, you can't graduate church and not know about Judah, Christ's ancestor and creation.

For warm-up, we talked about things that spoil relationships from A to Z.  Of course F stands for favoritism, which Jacob did to Joseph, forgetting that Isaac did the same thing to Esau and it also ruined that family.  Also, since Joseph kept getting into jail unfairly, I asked a series of unfair questions:
1. How do you put a giraffe in your fridge?  Easy, you open the door, put the giraffe in, and shut it.
2.  How do you put an elephant in your fridge?  Easy, open the door, take the giraffe out, put the elephant in, and shut the door.
3.  The Lion King called a meeting of all the animal kingdom.  One animal isn't there.  Which is it?  Duh, the elephant.  He's still in your fridge.
4.  The crocodiles own a river with no bridge and no boat.  You want to cross.  How do you do it?  Easy, just get in and swim because the crocs are still at the animal meeting.

Between Sunday School and church, I taped cardboard tubes to the wall.  Then in Children's Church, I quizzed them on what we talked about all fall.  If they got an answer right, they taped a leaf to the tubes, which were palm tree trunks.  Then, we did the story of Joseph rising to Pharaoh's number 2.  I'd ask a question, they'd read a paragraph of Genesis 40, then tape a picture on some steps until Joe got to Prime Minister. (I love having British curriculum.)

Macaria was back.  She somehow found my camera and started taking pictures.  I'll post them later.  I need to remember to bring my Cat for Kittens next week and keep it there, lest she come.

Communion went better this week.  Shannon the man called us into church and we partook.  Macaria sat next to me.  Normally she's seeking attention, but she was very respectful.  I emphasized that Jesus us really with us during communion and we need to be respectful.  She did better than the older kids.  May Jesus's blood revolutionize them this week.

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