Monday, November 28, 2011

God's Gift to Mary

I couldn't have asked for a better lesson in Children's Church yesterday, even though I very much miss the Herndons who were all visiting Megan's parents in NC.  Also, Alexis and family were gone.  :-(

I had Madison, Rebecca, and Macaria.  Debbie, the pastor's wife and basically my mother, came back with me to help with Macaria, who sat in church for the first part of the service before I call the kids back for children's church, and she was very well behaved.  It seems like once you assert that she has to obey you, she obeys quite well.  Still, I was glad for the extra hand from Debbie when we did Children's Church.

We did the lesson on when the angel Gabriel came to tell Mary that she'll be pregnant with the Christ.  The lesson called for the children making these gift boxes out of old Christmas cards.  I successfully did one at home and put in a picture of an embryo with a crown.  During the lessons, we used the figurines of Mary and the angel that the kids painted, and when the angel told Mary she would be pregnant, I showed him giving Mary the box with the royal baby.  This was God's gift to the world, and Mary would have the privilege of carrying him for 9 months.

Then, from squares that a cut from cards at home, we made more gift boxes, except this time, I goofed up the directions and had them tape the wrong tabs.  The box never got to close.  And they put in slips of paper that had the John 3:16 verse on them.  They were to give them to someone.

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