Thursday, November 3, 2011

If we only had a rep

(to "If I Only Had a Brain.")

While Georgia voted red
We're stuck with him instead
Congressman Hank Johnson
We originally had John Linder
But our state got gerrymandered
If we only had a rep

He spoke for my dad's Rotary
He's so dumb that it's scary
His own party had to apologize
He thinks weight will seek an island
State healthcare we should stop fighting
If we only had a rep

I wish that I could move
Out of the three
Blue districts left
But in ministry and college
I can't move out.
I must adjust.

We still get to trust in God
Congress approved the motto
Only nine folks object.
No surprise on the roster
Hank opposed it like a rock star.
If I only had a rep.

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