Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Facts: Saturday edition

Gregg and Persis do this on Monday.  Yesterday certainly felt like a Monday and it was Friday.

That's because I started an internship with a law firm.  I'm very excited about it.  It will require a lot of traveling and finding new places around Atlanta, but it's the end of my free time or at least going to bed early.

Which is fine because I can't stay asleep the whole night anyway.

I seriously need to clean today.  I'm not going to.

I will hang out with friends tonight for a Christmas card decorating party.
Ironically, I prefer to type out Christmas newsletters and send them all over the country.  I might make Thank you cards instead for the two lawyers who are going to let me intern for them.

I really want to get a game night together but I'm terrible at planning.  None of my friends can do anything or it's just bad timing.  It doesn't matter how far in advance I plan it.  I might have to just get together with Mandie and say "you and me are just going to play Scrabble one night, okay?"  You know I might just do that once I'm done with this post.

Alright, bye.

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