Monday, August 1, 2011

Church 7/31/11: Soli Deo Gloria and Tower of Babel

Church went okay yesterday.  I had Emily for Sunday School.  I'm trying to get her to remember from two weeks ago about Sola Scriptura, or at least the meaning.  No use.  I did tell her the answer, though.  With enough repetition, it may happen.  She is only 7.

I repeated last week's lesson about the next three Solas.  I had to spoon feed her all the answers.  She was even having a hard time remembering that it's only under Jesus's name that you are saved.  I'm ashamed because if you learn nothing else in church, you should learn that.  Then I had her match the first four Solas to their English meanings on the board. 

Then we went into the lesson about Soli Deo Gloria.  I did better with this one.  It was easy to just ask a bunch of questions with the same answer: it was for God's glory.  Then I had her draw a picture of something beautiful and how it reveals God's glory.  She drew a parakeet (it was pretty), and ocean, and a girl in a boat.  I drew mountains, a lake, a sunset, and people next to a boat.  I also tried to explain the meaning of glory.  Who is a celebrity that she likes?  Justin Bieber.  If you met him what would be your reaction?  I'd freak out.  This is how you should react to God, except you should love him even more than Justin Bieber or any celebrity.  This is glorifying God.

For children's church, I had more kids.  A man and his family are going to Prague on long-term mission, and he preached.  He had with him his wife and three boys.  Two of the boys, Zeke and Luke, age 10 and 7, joined us for children's church.  I had fill in the blank quiz on the board.  Genesis one, God created the _____.  Genesis 2, God made ______.  Genesis 3, the people ______.  Genesis 6-8, God sent a _____.  The two boys got all the answers right.  Actually, Emily got the second one right because she remembered that two weeks ago she made a man out of Play-Doh.  Then we read the story of Babel.  Then I showed them pictures of the results of Babel, namely that all the people moved to different places and developed different skin colors and looks.

For example, a white girl was born, not adopted, but born to two black parents.  There are also cases of twins born where one is black and one is white.  This shows that there is no such thing as race or different skin color.  We are all related to each other.

I also had a battery operated globe that would quiz on geography, but after replacing the batteries, it still wouldn't work.  The boys still had fun with that, then the kids played with Legos and the rest of the toys the rest of the time.

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