Friday, August 5, 2011

Un-PCing Wikipedia

It all started when I read Project Ezra.  They had this special post for Ramadan calling us to pray for the top 30 countries in the world with the most Muslims on each day in August.  We will pray for their salvation so that they won't remain Belial, or useless.  Along with that we'll pray for the compromisers in America, Britain, and all Europe who have some kind of Stockholm Syndrome to the Muslims. 

Now, I don't know if Project Ezra should have used the epithet, Belial, as it will only rile up people who are normally riled up, but I did feel the Muslims on my heart this week.  It may be true, but I would have been Belial had God not saved me, and so would all his people.  Somebody named Mohammed added me on Facebook this week, and I accepted because I want to be a kind light to the Muslims as to all people.  So I decided to take the list, read the Wikipedia entry on each country, and pray for them that way.  I was awakened to how PC Wikipedia has become.

First off, Indonesia.  Off the bat, they mention this Java Man who was some early form of humanoid that proves evolution.  He was discovered from a thigh bone and a huge skull cap that were no where near each other.  They weren't even from the same skeleton, and possibly not even the same species.  Even if he was some early human, he would have still been a human, descended from Adam, created in the image of God, and less the 6000 years old.  Here's an article from Answers in Genesis on him.

Then, they go through worries about global warming and men cutting down trees in their geography section.  They even have the audacity to say the islands have family planning (in which I read family destroying) but the population still grew.  My edit, "we hate people and don't believe God can save this planet."  That's what I hear every time I hear some Al Gore whining about too many people and too few trees.  God made this planet for people, his crown and glory creation.  He gave us the trees to use.  What these Green Goblins are doing is killing innocent people and taking advantage of the poor.

Next, Pakistan.  Great political history.  Not one mention of Osama bin Laden who they held in safety in comfort while our people lost their lives in Afghanistan to find them.  Pakistan is supposed to be our allies and Wikipedia conveniently glossed over the fact that they betrayed us by harboring him at the cost of young lives.

Bangledesh has the same PC moanings as Indonesia about too many people and too few trees despite family planning destroying tactics.

Finally Egypt.  Because of AiG, I'm well aware that evolutionists, despite scientific evidence to the contrary, blindly cling to their millions of years of death and suffering that created the world because they won't be taken in by a God that is higher than themselves.  This has led them to brainwash public schools into believing that millions of years of death created our world, that we are only rearranged pond scum (term stolen from Jason Lisle), and there was no flood (even though we see billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth).  This brainwashing has clearly led them to erase the salvation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

First, they say Egypt started in 6000 BC (which is generous for them), which is odd since that's the year God created the earth.  They have many dynasties which AiG has realized might not have been there.  They mention the Hyksos and even Mubarak, but they hardly even talk about the Pyramids or the religion, though I assume they do in other articles.  Here is an excellent explanation from AiG's pyramid article.

Really, I'm not sure why the PC can live without belief in a loving God who created a perfect world, that death and suffering only happen because man sinned, that dinosaurs lived up until at least the King James Bible's publication in 1611 (how else would so many cultures have dragon legends?), and that He saves us not only from Egyptian slavery, but slavery that we brought on ourselves because of our love for sin nad hatred for God.  Why do they want to believe that they are their own authorities?  I would feel so lost and probably would not be alive if I thought like them.  But I know that my Redeemer lives and on the earth again shall stand and I will continue to push for belief in the Bible as it is written in Genesis and Exodus and throughout, and I will support the birth of many children and the cutting down of many trees to keep them alive.

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