Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Heart Is Filled with Thankfulness 8/20/11

I'm still thankful that Mary lives with us and helps watch Andrew.  Not only does she do that, but she also watches nursery at church.  She gets important information that I don't get.  She's the one that caught on that one of my kids had lice.  She also found out that all of my kids had lice.  Finally, we checked and found out I had lice.  Not only did I have lice, I had lots of lice.  Now we've done the treatment, and I have no lice but my head sure itches. 

I'm thankful that I can't feel the lice when they bite my scalp.  I must be a numbskull.

I'm not a dog person.  I'm actually a cat person.  But I love Mary's dog Bella.  I'm thankful for that dog.

I'm thankful that I'm about to get two weeks of from church.  I have Kids' Camp at my old church next week, then the next I'm going to see long-time friends in North Carolina.

I'm thankful that Grace Fellowship started another 20s and 30s group on Sundays.  I have class and now I can't go to my normal Thursday group, so I think I'll try out this Sunday group.

and I'm thankful for humor, and for Gregg for posting this video.  I needed a video idea for this week.

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