Tuesday, April 3, 2012

B is for Burrito

As people should know, the Spanish word for "donkey" is "burro." That would make a little donkey a "burrito." 

This is inspired by R.C. Sproul's book, the Donkey Who Carried a King.  It's a cute, apocryphal story about the little donkey that rode Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  He was the littlest donkey who was still not old enough to do any tasks.  His brothers and sisters did many things, and he just sat and ate.  He thought of his ancestor who carried Balaam, who spoke to Balaam.  He also had an older relative who carried Mary to Bethlehem as she bore Jesus.  His day would come.

Then Jesus came by and asked to ride the donkey who's name was Davy.  He felt so proud that he got to carry the king into Jerusalem.  Then Davy's owners began making him do chores.  He felt so humiliated after having such an honor.  Then on Friday, he saw the same king getting beaten and crucified.  Jesus took on all that pain and humility for our redemption.  The least Davy could do was do his chores and not envy people. 

R.C. reads the book on Ligonier this week.  You should either listen to it or buy it.

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