Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H is for Heresies

Yep, my favorite topic.  I love polemicism.  This one started as I was reading this book by Larry Crabb called "Connections."  It's a must read.  It's about how ministers can connect with people on deeper levels than just hi-how-are-you, or try to understand the person without trying to have the right answers.  I might have to read this book a few times.

I was sitting next to my friend who said, "That kind of looks like Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People."  Then I started running my mouth about how I have that book but couldn't finish it because it was so positive and I need Jesus.  Then I started talking about Joel Osteen.  Then I started talking about Oprah.

If you can say you have no problem with Oprah then you have to do some soul checking.  She is like the number one New Age guru these days.  Turns out that Osteen is teaming up with her.  But this is why you need people like me who will find a booger in every bush.  If you tolerate small heresies, then you won't notice the big ones when Oprah shows up.  You'll be totally blinded by the blatant blasphemies of Rob Bell that should be obvious.  This is why we need picky polemicists like me. 

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