Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for Not White

This comes from two situations this week.  The happier one is where my friend made me read aloud to her Huckleberry Finn.  It's one of my favorite books.  It's so non-racist in a still-racist mentality.  So annoying however, is the use of the n-word.  I know it was an okay word when Mark Twain lived, but it's like I read the word and I'm stabbed in the heart.

Also, on facebook, I'm in a Calvinist discussion group.  The question was, "Is interracial marriage a sin?"  Why would anyone ask this?  How do supposed Christians think that this is addressed in the Bible?  The Bible is clear that from one man, God created all the people groups.  Ergo, there is no such thing as race.  We are all brown people and nobody is white.

This prejudice just comes from the Darwin era when Christians rejected the Bible's teachings to be relevant, and people were sacrificed in the process for centuries to come.

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