Monday, April 9, 2012

G is for Golden Calf

Now that Lent is over, I'm still very much aware of the idols in my life.  All denominations suffer from bowing to some graven image, some more obviously, but we all worship something without realizing it.  I think the Presbyterians worship their theology as much as God.  We idolize saints like Calvin, Luther, Augustine, and all of these guys would be appalled at such hero worship as they loved Christ so much. 

But like Calvin said, our hearts are idol factories, and even redeemed people struggle with idolatry as we cannot see God and are often starved for love in this technological society.

The solution: never go a day without reading Scripture or praying that God will captivate your heart in such a way that you desire no one else more.  Realize how great and omnipotent our God is, how he is the only one who created, the only one who sustains, the only one who can save us and not we or any action we can do.  Christ has already paid for our sins; we won't have to pay for any subsequent sins via rituals.

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