Friday, April 27, 2012

V is for Volunteer

Yesterday, I just ended my Atlanta internship with that lawyer.  It was a good internship in a nice part of Atlanta, but I'm just where I can't just drive two hours every day.  Now, this will be one less hour.

Week after next, I'm going to start volunteering with Project Renewal.  They are advocates for victims of domestic violence.  This is also a non-profit organization, and dad keeps telling me I need to find a paying job.

I agree, but I've only had 5 months of experience, and a paying job will not happen at least until next year.  He's forgetting that it will be pay enough to drive one less hour every week.  Plus, I'm kind of excited about being involved with a charity that helps people and gets involved in legal matters.  I feel like this is a great idea.

And I went to college in Tennessee.  I'm a UGA fan, but I still am forever a super volunteer.

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