Monday, May 28, 2012

The Alarm

Charles Spurgeon delivered this sermon, the Alarm, sermon 996, and mostly, no matter what he says, I always feel so much happier after reading Charles Spurgeon.

This sermon had good points but I think it was kind of extreme.  Spurgeon, like so many evangelicals, seems to think we can only truly love God if we react to him in church as if we were at a football game with our team winning.

I kind of agree because God does win, and we must be so excited that we can't hold it in.  Still Spurgeon only understands extroverted reactions.  When I show my love for anyone or anything it's usually not jumping up and down and hollering.  I usually reflect that when I just sit and bask in the goodness of God.  I'm savoring the moment and feel so happy when that happens. 

But whether introverted or extroverted, all those who claim Christs name need to enthusiastically share their love with the world.  We are not to be asleep in the pews or stuck in some ivory tower.  Christ is to be praised as we declare to the world what he has done for us.

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