Monday, May 7, 2012

Earth is not that old

Normally RC Sproul is in agreement with Answers in Genesis on the issues of evolution.  He's a strong apologist for the inerrancy of Scripture against folks who follow the Documentary Hypothesis and the Jesus Seminar.  He has a wonderful video series on Ligonier about the Isms of the 20th century.

I was kind of disappointed in his answer to a question about the age of the universe.  It's like to make peace in 5 minutes he gave an answer that would please everyone, probably not pleasing anybody.  I wasn't pleased.  I mean, theologians do interpret Scripture wrong sometimes, or all the time, but probably because they compromise with non-believing scientists who will not believe despite the coolest of logic.  Nobody ever questioned the earth being more than 4000 years old until the uniformitarians took over the paradigm in the 19th century. 

These people don't want to believe that a holy God will wipe out a whole planet of sinful people with a flood, leaving only 8 people alive.  So they erase the Flood story as a myth and then have to exercise their creativity to explain why the earth looks so old with science experiments that can never properly test the age of something when the tester does not know how it started.

But people want to believe they are better than they are and that God is so much kinder than he is, and so they must decide that the uncomfortable parts of the Bible must be reinterpreted.  This is why we have so much easy believism these days.

Thankfully, realizing that 5 minutes is not long enough to properly defend a young earth, the same video linked to the next best guy to defend a literal understanding of Genesis.  Second to Ken Ham, here is Al Mohler.

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