Monday, May 7, 2012

Here is an article about introversion that fascinated me.  Top 5 Things Introverts Dread about Church.  It was one of those articles that made me scratch my head.  Am I really as introverted as I think I am or am I just used to this from being in church my whole life?

5. “Welcome! Shake a hand, give a hug, share a name!”

It is kind of awkward, even in small churches, but ours at Trinity is actually long enough to get some good conversation in.  I get to group hug all my kids and hug a few others.  It's not as bad as when I normally go to something social and I hide in a corner eating somethingUsually between Sunday School and worship I just pace because I can't think of things to say to people.

4. “Chelsey, what do you think?”

Chelsey wrote the article on introversion.  I'm not Chelsey but I've been asked that.  Even worse, I now do that to people.  It does render me like a deer in the headlights but it's nice that someone cared enough to get my attention.  I honestly don't mind this one.

3. “Let’s get into groups and pray aloud and/or tell each other our deepest, darkest struggles.”

I actually love this!  This one really made me wonder if I'm still introverted.  I love sharing my feelings and I don't like to keep secrets with the world.  What you see is what you get.  I don't share every gory detail anymore, but it's good for the kids to know their youth pastor struggles too or has fun outside of church with friends. 

2. Spontaneous Public Prayer

Okay, I do hate this one, also known has Popcorn Prayer.  Random people pray in no particular order extemporaneously, and I'm in a daze wondering if I should say something or if I speak will it be at the same time other people speak.  Will I be interrupted because I mumble and someone can't hear me?  As a church leader I do pray publicly, but it's usually orderly and I've prepped myself mentally.  Or I'm asked to pray at a meal and I just pray like I normally pray by myself.  Conversing with God.  But, I'm still jittery about praying out loud.

1. ”You should be more…”

Wow, I can't believe people actually say this to introverts.  It's never been told me.  Oh wait, I did say that to another introvert who was being reclusive.  It's bad to be an introvert and not understand other introverts.

And I still say I'm introverted as I still sit in a corner eating at social events and clamming up.  But I am more extroverted than most introverts.  I love people.  I love parties.  I love reading alone.  And I try hard not to use my awkwardness as a reason to neglect the people in my life.

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