Friday, May 25, 2012


So, my brother graduated high school today.  I got to drag him across the stage wearing my seminary cap and gown.  It was so nice to wear the Geneva robe again today despite the Georgia heat.

I can't believe that I got dissent for wearing the blue hood with Erskine's colors which are the same as Salem High School's.  I got inside the school, and no one even noticed.  In fact, all the teachers had their masters degree outfits and I looked so much like the kids who had Beta Club stoles.

But I walked with pride on the football field showing the world that I am older than 19 and older than Andrew, though much shorter.  And I still don't understand why John Mayer would want to run through the halls of his high school.  I never want to be back in that place.  However, I would like to be back at Erskine.

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