Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Gospel

It's the end of an old month and the beginning of a new one.  That means that I'll be reading all the articles in Tabletalk back to back. 

June's issue is about Evangelism.  So far, my favorite articles are by Robert Godfrey and Ed Stetzer.  Godfrey describes what the Gospel is and does to people and in the end, we find out that the Gospel is none other than Jesus.

On those lines, Ed Stetzer refutes the phrase, "Preach the Gospel and if necessary use words."  He says to use words because they are necessary.  Francis never said that line and probably would not have believed it.  Romans 10:17 is clear that you need to preach words to awaken hearts to the Lord.  And once again, he explains how it is good to let your actions match your words, but too many use the word Gospel like it's a verb.  Gospel one another.  When really, this Gospel is none other than Jesus and what he did for us.  What he still does for us.

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