Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Z is for Zip Line

So, I leaked into May.  Fine with me.  I decided to end with a zip line.  I've been on a junior version at Corn Dawgs where my feet even touched the ground.  I can't stay on the line any better than I can stay on monkey bars.  So with a new twist on an old cliche, I tells ya that life is like a zip line.  Not a roller coaster, but a zip line.

You are holding onto these handle bars, suspended over an abyss.  You cannot let go.  You need to get from one end of life to another.  Can you keep holding onto the bars?  At this point, I still can't tell where my handle bars will take me: whether I stay at Trinity, move somewhere or do something else.  Will I even survive to age 50?  I know I cannot hold onto the handle.  Thankfully, I have harness.  His name is Jesus.  He sends me the Holy Spirit to guide me through my decisions and so that I can directly communicate with my creator, and he strung up the line in the first place.  I just need to enjoy the ride.

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