Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Bible movie and Birthday

It's April 2, my birthday!  And that means the Bible movie from History is coming onto DVD!

My birthday wish: for you to read the actual Bible.  Roma Downey and her husband did the best job trying to honor the Word of God despite the countless liberties taken.  They did show that man is truly sinful, that Jesus is truly God (finally, when he told the Pharisees "I am"), and that he's truly alive.  I loved the last hour of the resurrection and Acts.  Now, like most movies, the book is even better.

I think I was more offended by their sponsors.  I think both Roman and Protestant Catholics can both uproar when they showed a frickin' IUD commercial!  AGGHHH!  Why did they show that during the Bible movie?  I bet they even had a Catholic Come Home commercial right after it.  It's like, even History Channel can find better, more respectful ways to support abortifacient techniques.

There's also the honorable mention of Wal-Mart, Captain Morgan, DirecTV, and a millions Christian Mingle commercials.

And finally, they had a PSA for "No Church Left Behind."  Who should be in charge of that but TD Jakes?  The same TD Jakes who does not believe the three members of the Trinity co-existed from eternity as 3 persons but one God.  He preaches prosperity ministries that always leave people dissatisfied with God.  And Roma and Mr. Roma want to continue the Bible TV-series with "experts" like Jakes and Rick Warren.  AAAGGGHHH!  We have so many good theologians out there such as R.C. Sproul and Voddie Baucham.  Why do we need the aforementioned Bozos? 

But yeah, it's my Birthday.  Read the real Bible and see how fulfilling it really is.

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  1. You might not believe this, but I was one of the volunteer labor force for an episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Most of the other volunteers were teens, and loved watching the show. They however became a bit disillusioned when they saw the stars of the show doing very little actual work painting or hammering a few nails. Some of them even felt like walking off. I said to them "They are not in the business of building and painting. They are in the business of television. Their job is to make a tv show. Our job is to build and paint. They provide the resources for us to do our job." They then understood.

    We can sit back and complain, or we can take hold of the opportunity that has been presented to us. It isn't History Channel's job to proclaim the Bible story. That's our job. But they provided a means to present it in such a way that will reach more people than you or I will. Now I agree the Book is better than the mini-series, as is the case nearly every time. But perhaps there will be people who never knew any scripture, who watched that, and they want to know more. Are they going to run to the corporate sponsors who helped fund it, or are they going to seek out Christians?