Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Young People

Here is a young person who looks even younger.  Many women say that is a good thing, but I see my five gray hairs and think they are beautiful.  I like being older.  I like being mature.

The only drawback to looking younger than 19 is that people still don't take you seriously as an adult.  You're still naive with stars in your eyes.  Now that I am 9 years older than that, I realize more that they're exactly right.  I have no clue what is going on or how to solve any problems I read about on facebook.  That does not mean I'll start watching the news.  My only news source is facebook and I need no other.

As I do get older, however, I think the main thing I'm torn in is political views.  I will never be a liberal, thank you very much.  I won't be libertarian because I'm against anarchy.  However, the last political thing I did I agreed more with the libertarians than the Republicans.  I know it's not because they were about my age.  That doesn't influence me.  I'll never support Ron Paul and will oppose their apathetic views on abortion.

But somehow, they grabbed me more than the side that I'm on.  Why?  Did I feel like the older people were not listening to them?  I think that might be it.  I certainly would love to find a middle way where there are more Patrick Henrys who go slightly too far in fighting for freedom versus the GOP who only do things based on America. 

Perhaps the GOP should do a better job of informing my generation about the policies and reasons behind their rules.  They should inform us of the lies perpetuated by the liberals but also explain why they should be on the Republican side, warts and all.  I'm definitely there for the one issue I vote on.  I would like to have more of both GOP and libertarian views so I can define my own political views based on the right decision and not just because my political party endorses it.

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