Saturday, April 13, 2013

K is for Kra

Why Kra?  Because it's the ark backwards.  And I can't think a K word.  This is exciting because Answers in Genesis gets closer and closer to being done with the ark they are building in Louisville.  I hope to visit that, too. 

But the ark is the most intriguing thing in the Bible.  People have looked for it.  People thought they'd found it.  I personally think God hid it so that it would not become a relic to be worshiped. 

But the flood is the biggest testimony to God's justice on sin.   It's also a testimony of his generous mercy as he did not have to save any humans.  And most people do not want to think of God as God, who judges sin the way his holiness demands.  And denying the flood is what led to evolutionary mythology in the 1800s.  If there's no flood, then we can't explain all the fossils and canyons and such.  To explain that without the flood, they had to invent millions of years.  And since Christians decided to compromise their values in the name of science (which is not science), we accepted the millions of years of death and destruction before man existed of sinned, and we destroy the Gospel.

Death is a result of sin.  Therefore, nothing died before man was created.  Therefore, Christ died to defeat death.  If death was part of creation, then there would be nothing for Christ to save us from.
So we have to believe in the Ark and that the story really happened.

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