Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Advent with Abraham

So I taught previous lessons to the teen this past Sunday and what I would have taught her I'm teaching the kids this Sunday.  While I still need to prepare the kids' lesson, today I formulated what I would like to see for Advent.

At first I had wanted to have the kids sing an Angels medley that I found while cleaning with a bunch of Christmas songs like Hark the Herald Angels Sing (which is my favorite so we have to sing it), Angels We Have Heard on High.  I showed it to Cathy who had the idea of presenting what we've been teaching this fall.  We have four guys: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah, who all led to one Jesus, our only God and Savior.  So I've been typing out scripts from what I feel are key passages in each man's narrative.  I'm already excited, though I may have to shorten them and even consider our every-other-week kids.  Will they have to miss some presentations or will we schedule around them?

In other news, I'm not sure when James MacDonald announced his invitation to T. D. Jakes for the Elephant Room talks and the whole blogosphere exploded over modalism again, but I wrote my blog on the Trinity last week before I heard about that.  I am quite dismayed at his decision, but God will work it out.

Happily, I finally found Reformed commentators on the internet who aren't Baptist.  Real paedobaptists, just like Calvin.  They are on  Their sermons are usually less than 30 minutes, are either based on the Bible or some catechism or confession, actually, they are all on the Bible, but it's good to hear from catechisms, too.  And they have this show called Sinners and Saints.  This week they really got bold and are starting a series critiquing John MacArthur's last sermon on baptism.  I'm so glad they are doing this and maybe they will convert John to the true reformed position on this.  I don't think they should go as far to say that Baptists don't practice true baptism, because they do, but I do think it's a serious crime to deny baptism to the babies of Christian parents, and hopefully in future broadcasts they'll nail this down Biblically and credibly. 

And I still very much love John MacA.  He's my hero, but I'm so glad to find paedobaptists who make me feel less like a minority.

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