Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Go, Go, Go Joseph!

I had a nice evening at church with a load of food and Alexis watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I'm so glad I previewed the Potiphar scene before I decided to skip it.  There's always a saying that you notice more PG-13 stuff when you watch a movie with your parents.  I must say it's even more true when it's one 8-year-old in your church.  I had never noticed the outfits on the girls around Pharaoh until tonight and I hope they went over her head. 

So, voila, I'm planning on attempting to teach Catechism for Young Children to Macaria.  I assume that she'll be in Sunday School with Mary in the nursery, but just the same, I picked the first three questions of CYC, and found lots of color pages and puzzles for them.  I hope that goes over.  It should.  The girl loves to color.  I also have plans to have her make a cube while we have Children's Church that have pictures of the Joseph story.  His brothers throw him into a well this week.

It'll be good to see Jacob making the same mistakes as his father in picking a favorite child.  At least this time, Joseph is an honorable guy.  He remembers God while in Egypt and saves the land.  But Jacob encourages me because he's such a scoundrel.  I believes in God when he sees the Stairway, and believes again when he wrestles God, but in between in after, it's like he remembers God but more as a supplement to his life, not the center.  God still saves Jacob because he can, and that's pretty much the only good thing about Jacob.  Even after Rachel dies from having Benjamin, he still clings to her sons as idols to the detriment of his other sons.  It's like they don't exist.  You can understand why they would work to get rid of Joseph, even though they were wrong to throw him into a well and sell him and then tell Jacob that a goat mauled him, Jacob seeing right through their lies and making their lives even worse.  I'm still floored by God's stubborn grace that does not forsake his promises.  He picks on of Leah's sons to be ancestor to Jesus while Joseph and his children do well as Ephraim's tribe, but pretty much get lost after the northern Kingdom is exiled. 

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