Monday, October 3, 2011


It was so good to have the Herndons back in church.  I haven't seen them in more than a month.  One weekend I was out of town.  One weekend they went to the beach.  This weekend I had my teen Sunday school, and the girl in there is actually a teen now.  So yay!  Happy Birthday a month later! 

Now the task was figuring out what lesson she did last.  Wednesday I planned on teaching about Jacob and Laban.  Sunday, she still had not heard the story of Isaac and Rebekah.  Oh man, we had to do that one.  The glorious story of where God leads Abraham's servant to the right girl to marry Isaac. 

We finished that.  So I decided to move on the Jacob v. Esau.  What took me years to figure out, Aubrie figured out immediately.  Isaac was not supposed to be blessing Esau.  Why was he being so stubborn?  And then what if Jacob and Rebekah had not cheated?  Would Jacob still have gotten his blessing?  Yes.  God would have blessed Jacob because he said he would.  He didn't need to steal the birthright or blessing because it was already his.  But he did do that, and God still blessed him because he said he would mostly just to show that he's the one that saves people and not due to any action, since that whole family was eligible for Jerry Springer. 

The Children's Church was right on schedule.  We studied Jacob running away and then being so tired that he slept on a stone and saw God's stairway.  We did that left-right game.  I had a box of brads (the British call them split pins) and when I read any name that wasn't Jacob, we passed it left.  When we read Jacob, we passed it right.  Then we read about God's promises from the stairway.  We glued them in order on the stairway on a color sheet.  Then they colored. 

Then the pastor's wife came back to tell they were starting communion.  I did it this way this time because I'm so ashamed when an elder comes back to serve communion and we are not focused.  I'm now tired of feeling like I'm profaning the Lord's Supper, so I finally told Scott and Debbie that I want someone to call us back to the sanctuary.  It worked much better this time.  Next month I might even have them stay till the end since it was awkward calling them back to the classroom.

Also, we had a new face.  Emily wasn't there, but Holly was, also a friend of Alexis.  It was really good to meet her and I hope we see her again.

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