Monday, October 10, 2011

The Children of Israel

For Children's Church, the topic was Jacob meeting Laban, marrying his two daughters, and having children with four women.  The audience is mostly 8 years old.  We had a 5 year old, a new one.  She's brilliant and adorable, but my teaching is over her head.  I think I might have to establish a new rule that if you choose Children's Church, you should stay there.  If you choose nursery, you stay there.  We had kids running around the halls again to either go to the bathroom or get snacks.  We'll have to establish rules that way, too, like go to the bathroom between Sunday School and church, or get snacks before Children's church but no more.  I might even need to start having another adult in the room.

My lesson idea was great in the end.  I re-read the story of Genesis 29-30, had the kids say lines for each person mentioned, but when we went through all of Jacob's kids, I think they actually got bored.  That was when the 5-year-old decided to go to nursery.  However, she missed the activity: coloring coats of arms for each child of Jacob mentioned in this passage: 11 sons and Dinah.  I even had found coats of arms for all the last names of the regular kids online and drew and colored them. 

Now I just have to have a better climate control again.

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