Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fax

Read Gregg's post.  It's about porch sittin'.  Something I wish would come back.  In the old days people would sit on their porches and socialize.  Facebook had nothing on porch sittin'.  Now people only sit in their backyards so no one will bother them. 

I wish we could go back to a time when neighborhoods were friendly enough to even step outside.  In Conyers, which is really ghetto now, there have been two murders in the last month, one down the street from me in a meth lab, which is down the street from me. 

Gregg once commented on there that I need a new town.  No, I'm not going to contribute to white flight.  I'm going to stay here and be a witness.  The town my current school is in is way more dangerous than Conyers. 

I do have a patio that I sit on, with a lawn chair that keeps getting rained on and dirty.  I need to just take a towel and dust it off.  We even have a patio table now.  It's the closest I get to a porch. 

When you live on a street corner, and you have people walking on the street on two sides of your house, it's like you have no front or back yard.  Either I have three backyards or three front yards and I'm still not sure which is which.  There's the official front yard with our front door, but we don't use that door.  Then there's the driveway and garage that we do use.  Then there's the patio, whose door I use more than the front door.  And then there's the side with all the trees.  I guess that's the back-yard but it still faces the street in front of our front yard.  So a patio will do fine for a front porch and I can greet all the ghetto kids who wander through our yard like they're animals.  And that's not a racist thing, both black and white kids do it.

Speaking of race, I get more and more offended when I fill out an application or a questionnaire that asks my race.  I've been reading enough Answers in Genesis and I'm so tired of being a different race than people simply because I have less melanin.  If I can I usually skip the race question.  I'm a human.  I need no race.

I might try to write a poem tomorrow. I'm still not impressed with the one I wrote last week but I hope to write more like that.  I'd write more songs to place on YouTube but I'm out of tunes.  I can spin out lyrics all day, but not tunes.

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