Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper lemons? Make Laminate

I decided I finally have so many paper nesting dolls that they need to be laminated.  We have all of Jacob's children, and now we must welcome Potiphar, his wife, the baker, and the cupbearer.  Thankfully, pastor Scott has a laminating machine, so I'm going over there later.

I skipped over Potiphar's wife's scene last week in showing the Joseph movie.  The lesson this Sunday has it along with the dreams of Joseph's cell mates.  Hopefully, this will be the last sex scene that I share with the 8-year-olds.

As I said the other day, I'm not sure how the cat plans are going (cat being short for catechism).  I might have to hold off the WSC workbook for later, though I'm still going to purchase it.  It will be downloaded to my computer and printed at will.  The cat for our kitten I think will go well, if Macaria shows up again.  I sent them home with the woman who knows her mother to give to her.  I should have just saved it for last week.

I told some people outside of my church about my plans that they thought it was the pastor's duty to teach the cat.  They both are from different planets because I have no clue why it would ever be wrong for a children's pastor to teach the cat, even in churches where they did have formal confirmation classes.  Scott didn't teach it to our recent confirmands; he used a children's Bible.  Macaria needs basics, and you find those in the Cat for Kittens (Cat for Young Children), the intro to WSC.  The first three questions are about who made you? God, what else did he make? all things, why did he make them? for his own glory.

Thus leading to the first question, the only question we ever need to remember: what is man's chief end?  To glorify God and enjoy him forever.  I was asked: what if children ask if that means God has an ego?  Well, God  is the creator of life who saved us from Egypt, commanded that we worship no other, claims to be our only Savior in Isaiah 41, will share his glory with no other; they can't imagine that he created us for his glory and his alone.  Or that he's so loving that even his hatred is love.  Even hell is an extension of his love because evil must be judged.  Even choosing some for heaven and not choosing others is still good because God defines good, love, fairness, and we are made for nothing else but to worship and glorify God.  Life has no meaning apart from our worship of God.

And one of the best things I read on this is from C. S. Lewis, a man who claimed to not be Calvinist, but when I read his stuff, I beg to differ.  He may say he doesn't believe in total depravity, but in the "Weight of Glory," he talks of nothing else, but in different words.  He also shows that man will never be complete or satisfied until he's surrounded by God's glory and worshiping him for eternity.

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