Monday, October 24, 2011

Stuck in the Vending Machine

I taught the Kids' Sunday School yesterday.  The topic was the first Passover, so we had a Seder.  It went over very well.  We had a blanket and pillows for a table, and plates with Matzoh, chicken bones (to be lamb bones), celery (the bitter herbs), horseradish, apple sauce (instead of these sweet beans), salt water, grape juice, and chicken nuggets (I still don't know what that stood for but they were tasty).  We read the story of the Exodus and what this symbolizes.  If they remember nothing else, I hope they remember that they are protected from God's wrath because the Lamb's blood is covering them.  We had red paper on the door just in case.

I finally finished my paper nesting doll versions of Jacob's children.  Alexis had six, Emily had six, and I had Joseph, who for some reason had a mustache.  I included Dinah among the paper children, so we had 13 dolls.  We acted out the story of Joseph's brothers throwing him down a well.  Joseph was Jacob's favorite and he'd brag about his dreams to the extent that even Jacob had to rebuke him.  My lesson went so fast that the girls had time to play.

I'm still in the process of trying to teach catechism to my kids.  For Macaria, I chose three questions from the Catechism for Young Children with color pages and puzzles, and she didn't come!  And the two girls were sitting in the car when I remembered that I had found a workbook on the WSC on the internet that I plan on purchasing (I can just download it to the computer) and printed the first lesson for them.  I ran out there and gave it to them.  And for the teens, I e-mailed them a plan with the first WSC questions and the verses footnoted in my booklet.  But it's like my plans are still stuck in the vending machine.  I guess I'll find out real fast if it works or not.

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