Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Mighty Wrath of God

The people God had made would only make God mad
The thoughts within their hearts were wicked all the time
So God sent down a flood to wash them all away
There only was one door and only one life line
The Ark housed Noah and his kin through the flood
Only they survived the mighty wrath of God
God provided them a box where they could hide
It took the fatal blows, the mighty wrath of God

The people God had saved now wandered in the sun
Ungrateful they all pined for the food they ate as slaves
God saved them anyway and gave them a blueprint
For one elaborate temple, a plan for them to fit
The Ark throned Yahweh, a coffin in the crowd
They sinned but offered blood to please the wrath of God
God put up with their whining and lived within their midst
Accepted substitutes to take the mighty wrath of God

The people God had made are still lost in their sins
With idols we're in chains, but we'll stay here to save face
God drew some to his Son who came for thirty years
And sacrificed his life to take our rightful place
You are the very Ark if Christ has died for you
He sent the Holy Ghost beside you as your guide
There is no life apart from life on Jesus's side
He took our place and bore the mighty wrath of God.

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