Monday, October 10, 2011

My Heart Is Filled with Thankfulness

Thankful for e-mail.  I freeze every time I have to dial a phone number.  I hate texting but it is easier for me to communicate that way.  I love e-mail.  I have one e-mail pal in Seattle who I love talking to.  My Conyers friend, I can e-mail her and I feel more comfortable with that than calling her landline.  I love e-mail.  Now if I can just get them to e-mail the account that I actually check.

Thankful for BCM.  I don't know if I'll make lifelong BFFs there, but I definitely have met many people who I can relate to and that I'm comfortable around.  Many have BFF potential.  I went hiking with the BCM groups both from Clayton State and from Georgia Perimeter.  In fact, if I do this again and know that GPC is going, I'm going to just ride with them as I live a whole lot closer to them.  I had so much more fun with them than the group that I went with in August.

As you can tell, I'm thankful for Switchfoot this week.  They are on a Christian label, play for secular audiences, even run the risk of being ashamed of the Gospel, but they still make amazing music and I can still feel their Christianity in their music.  Stay tuned for more blogs.

Thankful for pictures that I can rummage through.  They are mostly from Dad's side of the family that I don't know as well.  I actually had a good conversation with Dad as I was trying to see if he could identify some of the people.  Only two pictures he couldn't tell, Pappy couldn't recognize them either, so they're in the trash.  One baby I'm pretty sure I know but I need to get her mom's address and just send it to her.  This baby I hear is 15, so she doesn't look like that now.

Thankful that I've been cleaning; not so thankful that I've been busy and it's piling up again.  I don't see myself having much time tomorrow.

Thankful for the new psychologist that I see.  He is great.  I am going to see if I can just see how I do on the upped Lexapro and the clonidine and not do any more of the new medicines he's introduced to me.  I've taken lexapro and clonidine a long time now.  I do like the extra dosage of Lexy, but these other medicines have only made me regress. 

Thankful for Mary who is still the eyes and ears of my youth ministry and always catches things that I miss or that I'm forgetting.

Thankful for busy weeks.  I hope I just find the time to do my homework correctly and plan my church lessons properly.

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