Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to the Church!

Sunday was glorious.  Three of our 8-year-olds joined the church, two being baptized as they had not yet been baptized.  It was very exciting.  We did it just like we should with a cake and reception afterwards.  I don't think I've seen our little place more packed. 

Stacie was back!  Now I had two girls in teen Sunday School.  Stacie had come with Aubrie off and on and I hadn't seen her since February or March.  It was so good to see her.  We first recapped all the names in Abe's genealogy from Terah to Rachel and Leah.  I tried to also tried to update Stacie on what God promised them while Aubrie went to get a Capri Sun.  Then I gave the lesson about Jacob dreaming about Led Zep, I mean, the Stairway to Heaven.  We talked about dreams we have had, and then noticed that Jacob dreamed but it was real, and that the Stairway has a name.  Of course, that name is Jesus and Aubrie got it. 

Then we went through the Jerry Springer story about Jacob, his two wives, and all their kids.  Oh, and Laban.  I did the same thing I did with the kids, had them say things after Rachel or Leah.  

My new 5-year-old was back.  I know how to spell her name now, Macaria.  I got my first really willful child.  Didn't want to go into Children's church without Goldfish, or because there was a boy in there.  I had her finish coloring the coats of arms from last week that didn't get finished.  I did the story of Jacob running away from Laban, his dream about wrestling the angel, and then meeting with Esau and making up with him. 

So, times are a-changing at Trinity EPC.  We know have enough kids in Children's Church that we'll have to start separating the ages.  So far, Macaria will be the lone K-1st grader while the rest will be upper elementary.  It's getting to be that way in the nursery with Mary.  We have babies other than Jacob, just what I've been praying for, but with both classes, I'll have to call volunteers to help out.

Also, I'm feeling very convicted that I want to start teaching the kids catechism.  Maybe do the catechism for young children for Macaria and start Westminster Shorter for the older kids to take home.  Maybe I'll give prizes for whoever finishes their catechism lesson.  I could send home color pages and fill-in sheets and if they do it they'll get a piece of candy or a sticker, and if Macaria does her work she can get some Goldfish. 

Which reminds me, I probably should call the pastor or his wife to tell them my plans and start working on WSC lessons.  I found one good book online, but I'm hesitant to order it b/c I simply don't like online ordering.  I also saw a color book, but I can't preview it and it looks like something out of the 50s and not challenging enough.  So, I'll have to go back to making up my own lessons unless I figure something better, or see if Lifeway has anything, or if I can take a trip to a bad neighborhood and see what Cokesbury has.

Well, I'm off.  Good night.  And welcome to the church, Autumn, Alexis, and Madison!

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