Monday, March 12, 2012

Bread of Life

I don't know if it was an article on Tim Challies or on David Murray's blog, but I've taken the challenge to give up my yahoo email for now.  I keep sending poisonous e-mails on that and will be off of that for at least the rest of Lent. 

I taught on the fish and loaves yesterday.  The book had a wonderful quiz game that was a lot like Bingo.  After we reviewed the lessons from the past weeks, we read the passage and then played Fish and Loaves Lotto.  Everyone had seven words on their paper, not the same words.  They were answers to the questions, and whoever covered all seven words with their fish and loaves won. 

The pastor's wife came back with me.  I like her technique.  She pretty much asks about every detail on in the passage where Jesus feeds the 5000.  It was similar to how I team teach with Dad.  I try to speed through the lesson, and Dad and Debbie both stop and ask the students to think with more detail on the passage being read.  What is compassion?  What was Jesus teaching the disciples in this miracle?  Etc.

The teens weren't there this week, so I have one more week to figure out how I'm going to teach on the Bread of Life.

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