Sunday, March 4, 2012

Session Plans tomorrow

Tomorrow night is session meeting!  I'm finally going to sit before the elders and bring a boat-load of ideas for them to hopefully approve a discuss. 

One.  I'm proposing a vision statement to go along with the one the church already has.  Trinity's vision statement: A place where God's truth is alive.  Trinity's youth program's vision: A place where God's truth is alive and learned.

Two.  I'm finally defining the difference between Sunday School and children's church.  Sunday school will be more of the discipleship aspect of the church, and Children's Church will be worship.  I want CC to be more like church.  Not quite as interactive as SS, but hopefully not boring either.

I think I'm going to need another adult to come back to Children's Church with me.  I'm realizing more and more my weakness in disciplining and classroom climate.  I'm fine with that, but that also means I need to find another adult to come back with me once a week to help keep the kids in line.

I really would like to see about having dinner with the older kids once a month.  There are teens that don't always come to Sunday School and it would be nice just to sit around, talk, answer questions, get ideas, and even do homework. 

I need the church to approve of us doing VBS with Hope Fellowship.  I need to get to calling the pastor again and making more definite plans, though I think all I've talked to like the idea of doing a joint VBS with them.

Speaking of Hope Fellowship, the other Megan, who leads Shepherd's Staff, is planning on doing an Easter Egg hung with them, too, through Shepherd's Staff. 

I hope to delve more into my weekend's lessons, but I'm kind of tired and we had some intense lessons, both with older and younger kids.

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