Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jon Foreman's TULIP

As you all know, Jon Foreman is Switchfoot's lead singer.  A few years ago he did some solo songs.  I finally found them on YouTube and seriously like them better than his music with Switchfoot.  While Switchfoot is semi-secular, Jon sings openly about his faith and about life.  I'm certain he isn't Reformed, but I found songs that could fit all five of the petals.

Total Depravity -- Here Jon sings about how wretched his life is, how he should be dead, and how he can't move past his circumstances.

Unconditional Election -- God is the one who has to resurrect Jon.  Not Jon.  Not me.  Now free will.  Just God.

Limited Atonement -- Jesus's sacrifice completely sets people free.  It doesn't make salvation merely possible.  It makes it definite, and nothing will keep his Bride from going free.

Irresistible Grace -- "You are turning our hearts back to you."

Perseverance of the Saints -- In the house of God forever.  Nothing can change that.

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