Monday, March 19, 2012


Today I finally buckled down and research how to relate to INFJ personalities.  Not only am I introverted, but I have the INFJ letters from the Myers-Briggs test.  What is bizarre, although I am both of those things, I still have trouble relating to other innies. 

Here's what I noticed so far.  Innies like to be alone.  They like people but social situations drain them.  They need two hours to recoup from one hour of person time.  And they are deeply philosophical. 

Despite being INFJ, I love parties, even though I'm usually in a corner eating pot pie.  I like meeting people.  I must say social situations do drain me, but I also just don't understand people in general.  But I'm not one to let my introversion be my excuse to stay home on the weekend.  I also get cabin fever.

I have introverted intuition.  I try to observe the psychology behind what people do, why they do them, and if this means they still love me.  I also try to meddle with them.  Leading me to...

Extroverted feeling.  I'm not ashamed to tell you what I think.  If it hurts your feelings, then too bad.  You need to know what I believe to be true.  This is why I thrive on debate chats and in theology and politics.  This is also why many friends feel alienated from me.  It's not like I'm trying to kick them, but it is really important to me that they know what I believe.  Fortunately, now that I'm moving past a recent rift, I can pretty much put my beliefs aside for the time being as I have already expressed them and need not do so again.

Introverted thinking.  This part of the personality is why I probably will just sit and stare at you at lunch rather than talk.  I lose my words.  I'm afraid of looking stupid.  And this is probably also why I obsess over people.  I think way too much.  My mind goes a mile a minute from politics, to religion, to friends, to my duties, and never really stops.

Extroverted sensing.  Meaning, I am absorbed in intuitive perceivings but oblivious to reality.  I miss the forest for the trees. 

And, my MBTI letters are 1% of the population.  Us different people should stick together.  And if your introverted quirks drive me crazy, help me to remember that I too, am an introvert and have learned to deal with it.

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  1. Meghan-Im an INFJ too and I'm obsessed w/ the MBTI....I really appreciate how you explained Introverted thinking...ive never really been able to grasps what it means but you explained it perfectly... I often find myself lost in my own thoughts and wondering if I can explain them coherently/accurately.... probably explains why we're more comfortable putting down our thoughts in your blog, Meghan!