Friday, March 16, 2012

In humility

David Murray linked to this article today.  Very  convicting.  I have the biggest problem with telling the truth but not in a loving way.  Sometimes in an even vengeful way.  I wish I could soak in this advice and remember it.  Learning social skills does not come easy for me.  So here, I think I will take each point and try to think of how I'll remember to do it.

1. In humility, avoid thinking more highly of yourself than you ought.  Romans 12:3. 
So basically, I should remember my total depravity and that I'd have nothing good without God.

2. In humility, count others as more significant than yourself.  Paul says this in Philippians 2.  In other words, I need to remember that if I speak harshly to someone created in God's image, I've spoken harshly to him.  Especially to a fellow believer.  Talk to them as if I as talking to the Lord, only without worshiping them.

3. In humility, listen first, and speak last.  James 1:19.  I just need to shut up.  And actually listen to someone without losing my attention.

4. In humility, deal with the matter as privately as possible.  Galatians 2:11-14.  Alas, I fail most at this.  Send an email, don't write it on their FB wall.  Talk to the person, not all your mutual friends.

5. In humility, be honest about all your struggles and limitations.  Matthew 7:1-5.  Take the plank out and then use the 2x4 from your eye to hit them.  I suppose this does not include false humility or over-bashing myself.

6. In humility, be honest about the graces of others.  Luke 6:37-38.  So, I should probably think of something nice to say before I hit them with the plank in my eye.  Not flatter, but compliment.  Think of why I really love the person and not rip them to shreds.

7. In humility, speak the truth.  Ephesians 4:15.  Back to square one.  I still have to tell the truth.  It might be in the form of not telling a lie at this point.  Or to positively say what I believe, not negatively say what I don't believe.

Anybody want to boil these 7 tips to something easy for me to remember?

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