Friday, March 30, 2012


I was 11 and it was 1996.  Dad had just been to a Promise Keeper's conference and introduced our family to Christian music.  This was also the year I started liking the Beatles.  So when Dad brought home "Goldie's Last Day" by PFR, I was hooked.

Then we went on a trip to Orlando, FL.  On family trips we all took turns picking the music.  We had just purchased "Great Lengths."  I picked it every time it was my turn.  Needless to say, every time I listen to PFR, I think of Orlando, FL.

That fall, I started 6th grade only to find out, PFR is breaking up!!!  NOOOO.  We went to their final tour concert, and I met them and got their signatures on a picture that I still have.

Then they made a greatest hits album with 3 new songs and one bonus.  Then, in 2001, they made another album, but I didn't go to their concert because it was at the Varsity.  Seriously, guys?  Also, I wasn't into the album.

It's 2012 now.  I'm listening to them so much this week that I'm obsessing.  I like their 2001 album, in fact, love it, along with "Them" which I also used to not like as much as "Goldie" or "Great Lengths."  And joy of joys, they're back together for a 20 year reunion tour.  I could do backflips if I did that stuff.

Here's a video of when Joel Hanson had long, beautiful, clean-looking hair:

Here is him now, hiding his pretty eyes behind geek glasses:

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