Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank yous

1. Thankful for our church family.  Our session is so varied, but we all come together for what matters.

2. Thankful that I got the cats to live with me upstairs!  I'm a crazy cat lady now!

3. Thankful tomorrow is Tuesday.

4. Thankful that I get to go to bed in an hour.  I might actually sleep tonight.

5.  Thankful that I actually asserted myself at session tonight.  I put my foot down about not putting the five-year-olds in the nursery.

6. I'm thankful the cats live upstairs now.  Leah is very friendly.  Rachel is hidden somewhere and is usually very catty.

7.  I'm thankful for Febreze.  It really keeps my room from smelling like a litter box.

8. Thankful for Project Gutenberg.  I don't have to pay for books for my eReader!

9.  Thankful that God is keeping me content for now.

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