Sunday, March 25, 2012

Farmer-tanned facts

So after two years of pro-life counseling, a year and a half of youth ministering, I'm not politicking for the GOP.  Yesterday, I was at the Cherry Blossom Festival petitioning people to vote no on sending our tax money to Atlanta for who-knows-what and only getting a quarter back for every dollar for some projects that bring the neighborhood down.  I wore sleeves, no sunblock, and now have a farmer's tan.

I think I kind of like getting sunburned because it gets people talking to me and I can tell them about the awesome weekend I had. 

Sunday School was amazing today.  We had an extra teen girl in there, and the same upper elementary boys, my brother, and my dad.  We talked about Jesus being the Bread of Life.  We talked about Real Presence.  It's getting to the point where I'm starting to believe in consubstantiation but I'm not telling anyone that.  (Shhh!).  I've believed in Real Presence since 2009 in that Worship class taught by Bob Glick.  At that time, I thought his ideas were a bit extreme, but it's what Calvin believed, and seriously, we do make a huge mistake not doing communion every week.  I'm still quite weirded out by Jesus saying that his body is real food and his blood is real drink.  It conjures up almost sexual thoughts and I believe that's intentional.  I say, if more people believed in Real Presence there would be less temptation and more purity.

But that actually was not the object of the lesson.  The lesson is about how we get the Bread.  Those guys who Jesus fed the day before followed him to the other side of the Lake.  Did they want Jesus?  Know, they just wanted his bread.  That also has me thinking of sex.  It's like when unmarried people have sex.  Do they really love each other, or do they just like the physical attraction?  We have the same problem with loving our Lord.  Do we like him or do we just like that he gives us eternal life, bread, sunny days, and any other nice thing he does for us?  Do we ever think of how holy he is and how worthless we are in comparison?  We are mere worms, yet he loves us enough to create us in his image and send Jesus to die for us.

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