Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life thoughts

Dad came to chat with me and Mary Monday evening.  I talked about how I've been walking around at the monastery and how Scott and Debbie (our pastor and his wife) walk there all the time.  Then Dad mused at how lucky Scott and Debbie are that they can do anything as a couple and not be tied down by an autistic son like Andrew.

To which I curtly replied, "Andrew's not a burden.  Quit talking about him like he's a burden."  And then with a bit of bickering with Dad about whether he was saying Andrew is a burden or not, Mary comments on pleading the fifth as me and Dad can come and go as we please and Mary has to stay and watch Andrew.

It got me thinking, am I really as pro-life as I think I am?  I counsel girls to not get abortions, I post stuff on facebook all the time, but do I really care about life?  Have I really abandoned me brother to follow my dreams?  I hope not.  I hope one day I can have a home, a steady job, insurance, and even a husband, and then when I'm not trying to launch anymore, I can take more responsibility with Andrew again.  But either way, he's still not a burden to me.

Also, two pro-life movies are coming out tomorrow.  One is October Baby that looks like a tear-jerker.  The other is the Hunger Games, which is not intentionally pro-life, but it is quite an amazing books series that I could not put down.  The only catch is, I honestly don't care for movies based on books that I love.  And plus since it's more anticipated, I might wait a while to watch Hunger Games.  and since I paid my tag tax this week, I might have to wait to see October Baby, too.

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