Friday, March 2, 2012

Facts on Women's Health

So, obviously, this post is inspired by recent antics from Obama and commentary by CNN.

Which is more important: religious freedom or women's health?

Actually, this is another religion: sex.  The world will do anything for it, sacrifice their bodies for it, sacrifice their children for it, and totally risk everything for it.

Why should my religious freedom be impeded for another religion?

And what's so healthy about it for women?

Sex alone can alter a woman's body through pregnancy, clamydia, human papiloma virus, other diseases, and also destroy them emotionally as men just use them as toilets and not as a person made to complete God's creation.

Moving on to abortion.  This is even more unhealthy.  It tears up a woman's uterus, increases her risk of breast cancer, pieces of baby get stuck in there and cause infection, future complications in having children when you want to have them, and at least ten years of emotional trauma and guilt, or hardening of hearts, if not for the rest of your life.

As for abortifacients, women who take RU-486 are more likely to have to be readmitted to the hospital, they've died from it, and face all kinds of horrors.  Kind of like when a teenage girl goes to get an abortion without telling her parents.  A girl recently in the news got killed from one, and this wasn't even in a back alley.  This was "safe, legal, and rare."

And for normal contraception that simply prevents an egg and sperm from meeting: it's not that expensive.  I don't have insurance and I'm on it for medical reasons.  It only costs about $20 once a month whereas gas costs $30 twice a week.  Where's my insurance on that?  Or my insurance on my ADD medicine that costs $800?  Or my anti-depressants?  These are not exactly frills.

But abortion and morality aside, why should my tax dollars go to pay for something that's completely elective, like a pedicure or a back massage?  Like Rush Limbaugh said, should even go on to pay for the car's backseat where you got pregnant in the first place?

And echoing the sentiments at the CPC today: when is California going to have its earthquake and drop into the ocean?  And can we relocate CNN there?  And for good measure, our current President or lack thereof?  Can I at least throw this blog through a window with a rock at CNN?  I know where they live and can get there in an hour.

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